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If you have any problems with Airy products:

Make sure you are using the most recent program version ( Get it now ).

Please read our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).


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If you still can't solve your problem, please contact our support team. We'll try to help you as fast as possible, usually in 2 business days. All support is carried out via e-mail only. We do not have a telephone technical support service at present.

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General FAQ:

Q1. How to buy? Is online order secure?
Yes, it is 100% secure. For more information about purchase our products, please visit here.
Q2.What should I do if I don't receive my registration information in one business day?
Please write to enclosing your name, the order ID and an alternate email address. Sometimes we couldn't send the registration information to your original email address due to wrong email address or your Anti-SPAM system.
Q3. How much is the latest version for registered users of the previous version?
Any software upgrade is free for registered users.
Q4. Where can I get a full version of the software or how can I register the software after I placed an order?
Please Click here.
Q5. Are orders processed in real time?
Absolutely. You will know whether or not your purchase was accepted less than 10 seconds after you hit the purchase button. You will not need to wait for us to manually process the order for them and will receive the product just seconds after the order is submitted.
Q6. What if I don't have a credit card?

If you don't have a credit card or would rather pay by other means, we can accept PayPal, check or money order for your purchase.
Q7. What is a registration code?
A registration code is a tool that software companies use to validate a paid user. If an order is fulfilled by registration code, you will receive a password that allows you to 'unlock' a product's trial version. The trial version is available to download from the manufacturer's web site before you purchase the software.