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Free DVD to ZuneAiry DVD to Zune

A handy free tool to convert DVDs to Zune video format (WMV, MP4) so that you can watch DVD movies on your Zune.


Having tried many of these products, this one actually works, and has many terrific features. And the support staff is very friendly and helpful. you cannot find this on any other similar products.

- Rob Pluck

I'm making wedding video for friend, also need to convert file for business presentation. I made several test comparison's (oss, all converts, etc ) yours was the best!

- Colin Griffiths

I am very impressed - I have managed to convert some AVI video files without losing too much quality - I have tried other products and they did not work - I am very impressed with Airy Video Converter.

- Jackie Jordan

I use my Camcorder as a hobby; modifying Video films - transferring films from VHS to AVI etc... I enjoy it very much. Airy Video Converter is the right software for this application. It's easy to use, works fast and precise.

- Alf Rebbery

FAQ - Airy Video Converter


Q1. What's the limitation in trial version of Airy Video Converter?
The only limitation in the trial version is that you can finish 50% conversion. The functionality is totally same either in trial version or in full version.


Q2: How to transfer the output video files to my PSP?

Put your converted video files (M4VXXXXX.mp4 and M4VXXXXX.THM) to the folder \MP_ROOT\100MNV01\ in the MemoryStick.



Q3: When I watch the output files on my iPod, every certain minutes, the video would freeze for a couple of seconds, and then the audio will disappear when the playback resume. I have to rewind the iPod to get the audio again. Why? It does not happen on iTunes and QuickTime on my computer.

Please check the version of the firmware of iPod you're using. If it's V1.1, you would have such problem. Please upgrade it to V1.1.1 released on Mar 23 2006 by Apple. Here is the download link: http://www.apple.com/ipod/download/. After that, the playback will be smooth on your iPod.



Q4: Why I cannot convert or play MOV/MP4 files on my computer?

You need to install the QuickTime Player if you want to convert and playback MOV/MP4 files.



Q5. I convert DivX to mpeg2, but it does not preserve the relationship of movie. The DivX Movie has 640x336, all converted videos are totally distorted.

The converted file corresponds to the original file. If not, you could custom the size. Set the Width/Height to 640/336 in the "Convert to MPEG" Window.



Q6: How do I convert video to DivX?

DivX is a codec of AVI file, you can select "Convert to AVI" to begin converting. First please make sure you have installed DivX codec. Then select "DivX Codec" in the drop-down list of "AVI Video Compression Codec".



Q7: Which codec is better when dealing with AVI file?

We recommend DivX, not only for its fast speed but also the quality.



Q8. Could I convert WMV to ASF so that I can stream it with a Windows Media Server?

There is no need to convert WMV to ASF. Windows Media Server supports WMV files perfectly. WMV is a more advanced format than ASF, and ASF is a previous version of WMV.



Q9: I have just tried to encode a Xvid file to an AVI format, which completed successfully. When it came to viewing it, the audio was out of sync by 2-3 seconds from the clip. Why is this?

Unfortunately not all conversions go 100% smoothly and some result in the Audio and Video out of synchronization. This can be due to many reasons with the primary problems being the original movie source and codec clashes. I suggest looking at using an alternative codec. You can try DivX codec.


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