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Free DVD to ZuneAiry DVD to Zune

A handy free tool to convert DVDs to Zune video format (WMV, MP4) so that you can watch DVD movies on your Zune.


Need to convert home DVD for editing. Airy DVD Converter converts DVD's to any kind of file keeping same quality and takes up less room on hard drive.

- Donald Griffith

Airy DVD Converter allows me to watch movies in AVI format on a laptop that does not have a DVD-Rom drive - I like to watch movies while traveling:)

- Lucas Manuel

I need to rip some scenes for a PowerPoint presentation. Airy DVD Converter makes it easy.

- John Phillips

Airy DVD Converter makes good quality backups of my DVDs. It's easy to use, fast conversion, supports DivX and Xvid. All the rest are to complicated to follow.

- Tom Mahan

Easy to use (no need to go hunting manually for IFO files!), has all the configurability I need (AVI/DivX output, PAL, resolution height/width, chapter selectable, filename choice (now!) etc), quality output, movie clip.

- Gary Myers

FAQ - Airy DVD Converter


Q1. What's the limitation in the trial version of Airy DVD Converter?

The limitation in the trial version is that you can only convert 10-minutes of a movie. The functionality is exactly the same in the trial version and full version.



Q2: Which is the best output format for playing back on my computer?


The DVD copied and compressed by XviD/DivX is of high quality and only takes up 1/8 original DVD space. To output XviD/DivX format, you need to install the XviD/DivX Codec. Please follow the instructions below.

1. Set the output format as AVI (DivX, Xvid...) from the drop list of "Output Format".
2. Click the "Options" button.
3. Set the AVI video codec to XviD or DivX.
4. Load your DVD (If you have loaded it, reload it).

For the detailed guide, please visit http://www.dvdvideotool.com/dvd-to-xvid.htm .



Q3. Airy DVD Converter takes over 5 hours to rip a movie, how to get it faster?


Converting DVD is always a time consuming job. It is slower than real time. You may not find any other ripper software faster than Airy DVD Converter with the same settings.

To get it faster, please use XviD/DivX codec (See Q2) , and set a lower resolution, such as 352*288.


Q4. I found that video is not in sync with the audio. How to resolve it?

First of all, if the source DVD is NTSC (USA), set the output frame rate to 29.97 or 23.976.

And please try the four options (None, Auto, Enhance, Force) in the drop-down list of "Audio Problem" each on 2 minutes piece and see which one works (Settings > Audio Problem).



Q5. How to transfer the output video files to my PSP?


Put your converted video files (M4VXXXXX.mp4 and M4VXXXXX.THM) to the folder \MP_ROOT\100MNV01\ in the MemoryStick.



Q6. When I watch the output files on my iPod, every certain minutes, the video would freeze for a couple of seconds, and then the audio will disappear when the playback resume. I have to rewind the iPod to get the audio again. Why? It does not happen on iTunes and QuickTime on my computer.


Please check the version of the firmware of iPod you're using. If it's V1.1, you would have such problem. Please upgrade it to V1.1.1 released on Mar 23 2006 by Apple. Here is the download link: http://www.apple.com/ipod/download/. After that, the playback will be smooth on your iPod.



Q7. I just want to rip a portion of a DVD, how?

You can just rip the movie clips you want. In the Copy Mode area, select DVD Clip.



Q8. Every time I try to convert DVD to AVI (DivX) it switch to converting to VCD instead. Why?


You need to select a movie title first.

Click on the title that you want, and you'll see the title is highlighted, then select "AVI (DivX, XviD)" from the drop list of "Output Format". Or use the shortcut menu to change the output format.



Q9. How can I check/uncheck all the movie titles? How can I rename the output file?

Right click the mouse button on a title item to pop up the shortcut menu. With this menu, you can conveniently set the name of the output file, select target format, check or uncheck titles.



Q10. Can Airy DVD Converter rip files encoded with CSS encryption technology?

CSS is an encryption/encoding method which is designed to protect DVD from being copied. Airy DVD Converter can rip CSS protected movies.



Q11. When I launch Airy DVD Converter, I got an error message "Cannot find import; DLL may be missing, corrupt, or wrong version File". What happened?

Please install Windows Media Runtime.

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