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Free DVD to ZuneAiry DVD to Zune

A handy free tool to convert DVDs to Zune video format (WMV, MP4) so that you can watch DVD movies on your Zune.


Need to convert home DVD for editing. Airy DVD Converter converts DVD's to any kind of file keeping same quality and takes up less room on hard drive.

- Donald Griffith

Airy DVD Converter allows me to watch movies in AVI format on a laptop that does not have a DVD-Rom drive - I like to watch movies while traveling:)

- Lucas Manuel

I need to rip some scenes for a PowerPoint presentation. Airy DVD Converter makes it easy.

- John Phillips

Airy DVD Converter makes good quality backups of my DVDs. It's easy to use, fast conversion, supports DivX and Xvid. All the rest are to complicated to follow.

- Tom Mahan

Easy to use (no need to go hunting manually for IFO files!), has all the configurability I need (AVI/DivX output, PAL, resolution height/width, chapter selectable, filename choice (now!) etc), quality output, movie clip.

- Gary Myers

How to transfer .mp4 file to your iPod?

After converting your DVD or video files to iPod format, you will get a .mp4 file. Then you need use your iTunes to transfer the .mp4 file to your iPod device. You may refer to the help document of your iTunes to learn how to do, or you may follow the steps below:

Step 1:
Download free iTunes from http://www.apple.com/itunes/download/.

Step 2:
Connect your iPod to computer. And then launch iTunes.

Step 3:
Click "File->Add File to Library...." to choose the .mp4 file which was created by Airy DVD Converter, or Airy iPod/iPad/iPhone Backup.

Step 4: 
Click "Movies" in the "LIBRARY" to see the files you have added just now, right click the file -> Get info to set your video info.

Step 5: 

Click "File->Sync iPod" to update your iPod.